Dear Chilliwack Stingray parents,

We pride ourselves on being a friendly, family-oriented swim club and hope that your family will enjoy the experience with us. From the members of our Club Executive to our Coaches, we encourage you to ask questions and have discussions with us about anything that is unclear.  I have tried to include in the handbook all the pertinent information, but I am sure there are lots of unanswered questions so please don’t hesitate to approach anyone on the executive.

 Learning how swim better and faster is only a small part of what joining swim club is about! By participating in a summer swim club your child will learn first-hand many life lessons and develop coping skills within a fun and exciting environment.  They will learn that hard work and dedication really do matter, and how to deal with disappointment when things don’t go their way in spite of their efforts.  Resilience, sportsmanship and goal setting are just a few of the things that are developed through summer swimming.  The longer your child participates in swimming, the more they will benefit.  With each season they form more friendships, first within their own club, and then with the children they see from other clubs at each meet.  Swimming is pretty unique in the way the bonds of friendship are made and strengthened within a competitive environment.

The club cannot be successful without participation from all parents. After the season begins, please refer to our website sign-up sheet on a regular basis and volunteer for as many activities as you are able. There will be jobs there to suit everyone, some with very minimal time commitment. We are looking forward to great season, filled with great swimming, team events and hopefully lots of fun!

Sonya Eisenkolb

President Chilliwack Stingrays