Please bring:

Care Card or Birth Certificate (for proof of age)

Suit and towel if a new swimmer for an in pool assessment

$60 post dated cheque for fundraising (details below)

$100 post dated Parent points cheque

~ $60 post dated cheque ~

Each family must participate in three fundraisers to earn back the $60
These are each worth $20 towards the fundraising cheque:

1. City Wide Clean up
2. Nuefeld Farms Order minimum 6 items
3. Purdy’s /sell 1 box
4. Pub Night/ sell 6 tickets
5. Hot Dog Sale/one 2h shift
6. Mile Swim/$50 pledge
7. Bottle Depot/$20 total under the Stingrays name and bring us the receipt

(We may also have other fundraising opportunities throughout the year)

Families are also required to contribute an item worth at least $50 for the silent auction at our swim meet. Parents are expected to time at meets and volunteer in different ways at our swim meet.  We will have sign-up sheets posted on the website in the Spring.

Our Pub Night is on June 15, at Duke’s Pub, and although this is not a mandatory event to attend, it is an important fundraiser for the club. We will be handing out tickets at the first day of swimming and parents are encouraged to sell 6 tickets (which counts as one of your fundraising items). The pub night is great fun and a great way to get to know other swim families.